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The allegations against Facebook for collecting and storing user confidential information are quite old. At various times, through small updates and with the help of new policy documents, Facebook is legally (!) Manipulating users’ information. Through such a policy, Facebook is collecting the personal information of the customer. This policy, called “Off-Facebook Activity”, stores a lot of confidential information on Facebook, starting from the customer’s app usage data, browsing data, search history. Let’s see what Facebook says about this feature

Off-Facebook activity includes information that businesses and organizations share with us about your interactions with them, such as visiting their apps or websites.”

A very innocent statement in Apaddarshan where it is said that various businesses and organizations provide Facebook with information about the customer’s contact with them. This time, if you go inside a little more, another thing comes out.

Here too there is a lot of innocence. Except for the last point. Detecting suspicious activity means monitoring all user information. Which is what Facebook is doing.

What is the way out of this? Let’s know step by step how to keep this feature off on your smartphone

Step 01 – Click the last icon on your homepage (marked in red)

Step 02: Click on the “Settings & Privacy” icon (marked in red).

Step 03: Click on the “Settings” icon (marked in red).

Step 04: Click on the “Your Facebook Information” icon (marked in red). Below this you will see the “Off-Facebook Activity” menu.

Step 05: If you want to see the information stored on your Facebook, click on “Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity”. Type your Facebook password. And see all the information saved.

Step 06: If you want to delete all this saved information, click on “Clear History”. A new window will appear. Click Clear History there too (marked in red)

Step 07: Click on “More Options” so that Facebook can no longer store data in the future.

From there, click on “Manage Future Activity” (marked in red).

Then click on “Manage Future Activity” (marked in red).

There, disable the “Future Off-Facebook Activity” option.

With these steps, you can ensure the protection of your personal data by turning off Facebook’s “Off-Facebook Activity” option.

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